Higher tertiary and R&D

Companies specializing in the areas of higher tertiary and R&D provides companies, local authorities and individuals with intellectual services in the form of studies, consulting, engineering and management.



55 %
of jobs


Momentum around R&D

The arrival at Rovaltain of international group R&D centres has led to specialized technology consulting firms setting up on the site.

Across the business park nearly 30% of employees work in specialized, scientific and technical fields. This momentum will intensify in the coming years with the development of the Tox/Ecotox scientific platform.

Rovaltain compte plusieurs centres R&D au sein du parc d'activités



A convenient location for support functions

The TGV service facilitating links with large urban areas and the arrival of tertiary activities at Rovaltain provides a quality work setting in efficient buildings at an attractive price. Bonuses: a view of the Vercors Mountains and more than 2350h of sun per year.





They chose Rovaltain

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