Eco-Development brings together companies that contribute to fostering the transition towards a green economy, in the areas of renewable energy, environmental engineering and technology, environmental protection, circular economy and energy efficiency.

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Rovaltain: a place for experimentation

Faced with the challenge of energy transition, ambitions for environmental efficiency are shared with those involved in the economy and supported by an active policy.

For green building

This was a target set at the outset of the business park. The INEED-CCI building (2006), providing serviced offices and a convention centre, is the most representative of this.


INEED est un hôtel d'entreprises et centre d'affaires de Rovaltain

For innovations

Octogone, a positive energy building, offers the opportunity for companies to test their products for energy efficiency under real conditions


Le système Echynoxe est une innovation de la start up Echy

For group projects

The Rovaltain energy advisory team is working to create an intelligent network between 4 buildings. Efficiency, renewable energy production, self-consumption and flexibility are all being looked into.

Plusieurs batiments du Quartier du 4ème parallèle forment un réseau energétique intelligent



They chose Rovaltain