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Tertiary activities - Building from 20000m² - Lot E

Rovaltain - The Correspondance district - Lot E

Fronting the Valence TGV station, the Correspondance district has land available for tertiary and scientific activities.

Correspondance district, developed in 2016 :

  • Designed to be in the heart of existing districts and future ones, it occupies a central place of Rovaltain
  • It houses the Scientific platform for research into ecotoxicology and environmental toxicology, a 13,000 m² facility, unique in Europe
  • Tertiary or mixed buildings from 2,000 m² can be built
  • Public transport service
  • ISO 14001 certified business park 30 minutes from the south of Lyon

Whatever your project, you’ll find a solution in the Rovaltain business park.
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